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Why Travel with France Travel Solutions?

Why Travel With France Travel Solutions?

Overseas travel is, for most people, one of life’s most rewarding and exciting experiences, particularly now in the wake of Covid. However it can also be overwhelming. There is often a lot to plan and organise and it can be scary to have to worry about semantics of time and organisation - particularly in a country where the primary language isn’t English! Luckily, France Travel Solutions is available to make sure your trip to France carries all the wonders and life-enrichment these adventures are supposed to have, without the strain!

Read on to find out more reasons to travel with France Travel Solutions!

Photo cred: Ange Costes

A French Perspective

Unlike other agencies, France Travel Solutions is owned and run by a French native, our very own Maud Dunne. Growing up in France gave Maud a great passion and love for the many diverse and beautiful regions of her home country. Now, after living for many years in Australia Maud is a uniquely perfect person to organise tours for Australians in France – familiarity with the people of Australia coupled with her comprehensive knowledge of France mean that she has a rare understanding of both her customers and the country they will explore! Tours organised by Maud always benefit from her deep connection with the country, taking travellers to the less commercialized hidden gems that people would not usually see. Additionally Maud through devoted commitment to finding the best of the best, and by virtue of growing up in the country has a wide network of connections across France. This means you will always receive experiences, stays, and care from authentic and reliable French locals. Our tours are also run by exclusively French individuals (who can of course speak English) so you will always have an expert on hand to help with culture shock! In fact, where cultural differences may lead to confusion for the lone traveller, with French tour guides you have the opportunity to gain insight into the lives and traditions of your fellow human internationally. Most importantly, having native French tour guides and operators mean that your experience will be rooted in seeing the culture of France with the familiarity and respect of a native.

Photo Cred: Ange Costes

A Stress Free Holiday

Stress can get in the way of having a good time and truly taking in the advantages of cultural change and immersion. That’s why we take such care to ensure you never need to be stressed in your travels! Help is available at every stage of your journey, and someone is always available to answer questions and quell anxieties. Packing, currency exchange, all the small intricacies that can overwhelm you as you prepare for travels can be advised upon by FTS. One of the most stressful aspects of travel is trying to cultivate a working itinerary for a country you are unfamiliar with and then having to consistently keep up with the times you’ve laid out. With France Travel Solutions this stress is totally removed and managed by us. Your itinerary will be carefully planned by Maud and then managed by your tour guide – meaning you can just enjoy yourself. You will be driven to and from most locations so no need to worry about reading a map in French or driving on the wrong side of the road! Frolick, have fun, and let go of the responsibility!

Photo: The Chateau of Chenonceau - one of the many places available to visit on our tours!

Small Tours

FTS tours are really set apart by our small group tour structure. Instead of upwards of 20 people crammed into a bus, our tours average about 6 people per tour! This means you will actually have the opportunity to befriend your fellow travellers and tour guide and form a sense of community and kinship as you explore. It further means you have more say in your activities and the specifications of your tour, as it is catered specifically to you and the few others traveling with you, as opposed to a massive unidentifiable crowd.

Photo Cred: Ange Costes

Bespoke Tours

New tours are always in development to so we can offer different experiences of the wonderful country of France. However, for those who have something precise in mind, we are happy to offer bespoke tours! This means designing your own personal tour based on whatever experience you are after. You will have all the perks of our usual tours -stress-free, organised with native knowledge and advice – as well as the luxury of having each step perfectly catered to your desired adventure.

Regardless of what you are after, we have a tour for you ! Culture, gastronomie, history, terroir – we have something for everyone. Our tours are personal, lovingly and carefully made, by an absolute expert in French and Australian culture, and thus offer you a chance to step into France and really take it in without the distraction of flashy tourism traps and stressful schedules to manage hanging over your head.

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