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La Maison de St Claire

La Maison de St Claire is a unique French immersion program founded and run by Frenchman Gilles Berger in the beautiful Crystal Creek region in northern New South Wales. Gilles has combined his expertise in education and language with his strong passion for French culture and lifestyle to provide unforgettable experiences for many students.

Gilles' programs are flexible and tailored to meet the specific needs of each student. La Maison de St Claire offers online and in-person programs for students who wish to begin or continue their French learning journey. Gilles also has specially designed programs to assist students with success on their final high school French exams, offering QCE, HSC and VCE study plans.

The most renowned aspect of La Maison de St Claire experience is the one-week immersion program that is offered to school groups. Students can get a true taste of France through total immersion in the language, cuisine, culture and lifestyle. Authentic French dishes are provided at meal times, and the students can participate in the viewing of classic French films.

A school group participates in the immersion program at Maison de St Claire

Just like us here at France Travel Solutions, La Maison de St Claire has deep connections to their roots. The richness of the French lifestyle has left a mark on us forever, even after years of living in Australia. The desire to share the beauty and distinctness of the French culture is at the heart of our work, and our emotional connection to our homeland is the secret ingredient to bringing this dream to fruition.

Unlike other local travel or language businesses, France Travel Solutions and La Maison de St Claire are true experts in their fields, with first-hand expertise of the French culture. This means that they can discern cultural and language nuances exceptionally well, ensuring that you have the most wonderful experience when indulging in their services.

La Mas de Boissiere homestead

Supporting local business owners who are experts in their field is a core value of France Travel Solutions and La Maison de St Claire. In both of our immersion experiences -be it through language or travel- we opt to stay in locally-owned guest accommodations such as B&Bs. We work closely with La Mas de Boissiere to combine the best experience for visitors to truly delve into all that France has to offer!

France Travel Solutions, La Maison de St Claire and La Mas de Boissiere are ecstatic to be working together. Stay posted as we have some very exciting news to share in the coming weeks!


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