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The most luxurious shopping experience in Paris - The Galeries Lafayette

By Hannah Noye

When it comes to luxurious shopping experiences, the Galeries Lafayette in Paris stand out as an iconic destination that offers so much more than just retail therapy. The stunning architecture, designer products, and unique experiences all lend themselves to the enriching and memorable experience of the Galeries. From its almost art exhibition-like ambience to its breathtaking rooftop restaurant, the Galeries Lafayette embody a world of timeless elegance and sophistication.

1. A Visual Feast Beyond Shopping: Upon entering the Galeries Lafayette visitors are greeted with the breathtaking sight of the famed glass dome and intricate stained glass windows. The vast space is made up of levels and levels of fashion, beauty, café’s, etc all circling around an immense gap from the ground floor all the way up to the dome, allowing shoppers on every level to take in the stores beauty from a number of different angles. At Christmas time this space will also house the traditional Galeries Lafayette floating tree, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

2. Creatures – A culinary Journey in the sky: Located at the top of the center, the restaurant ‘Creatures’ offers a dining experience like no other. After a day of arguably the most beautiful shopping experience of your life, there is no better place to rest your feet as you indulge in delectable cuisine and take in panoramic views of Paris’ iconic landmarks. This rooftop restaurant not only satisfies your taste buds but also provides an opportunity to soak in the breathtaking beauty of Paris from a unique vantage point.

3. The Theatre of Fashion – The store offers an extensive and highly curated selection that caters to every taste and style, and is consistently up to date with the newest offerings from world-class designers. The many clothes sections spanning over the stores many levels are beautifully presented, turning each visit into a visual spectacle – the shopping experience has never had such drama and excitement. Not to mention, the Galeries Lafayette boasts the largest shoe department in Europe – need I say more? It’s a fashion paradise!

4. Exclusive Privileges and Unique Offerings – for those seeking an even more exceptional visit, the Galeries offers other exclusive perks. Take part in an exclusive private heritage tour of the Galeries before weekend opening hours to immerse yourselves in the rich history of the store and its architectural significance. Additionally, by spending 650 euros or more you will be granted access to a special room with VIP amenities, including a taxi ride back to your accommodation and the personal delivery of your purchases to your residence in Paris.

5. Relax or Enrich! The Galeries further transcend traditional shopping by catering to the shoppers desire to learn or relax in style! Cooking classes for both adults and children encourage visitors to embrace the culinary arts and learn about French cooking culture with wonderful native chefs. The presence of a massage centre also provides relaxation amidst the excitement of shopping.

Additionally, exclusive fashion shows held on Thursdays and Fridays provide insights into the latest trends and designs and offer a more intimate demonstration of the fashion offerings of the Galeries for those who are overwhelmed by the sheer size of the store and would rather choose from a smaller collection of curated favourites. Note – these shows are often booked out in advance, so its definitely something to organise ahead of time!

6. VAT Tax Refund – For international tourists, the Galeries Lafayette make shopping even more appealing by offering an immediate 12% VAT tax refund on purchases exceeding 100 euros!

The Galeries Lafayette are a celebration of fashion, art, and luxury. Anyone with a lust for the romance of Parisian food and culture will easily be able to spend an entire day taking in the unforgettable journey promised by this remarkable testament to elegance and grandeur. There is something for everyone, and even if you are in Paris for just a short time, it is worth at least popping in to see in person the breathtaking architecture, and the view of Paris from the Galeries roof. In fact, for those looking to visit the Galeries, France Travel Solutions is thrilled to offer you a number of vouchers for rare discounts at the Galeries. To receive your free vouchers, just go to our website at and fill out the Contact form at the bottom of the page, making sure to write ‘Galeries Lafayette’ into the subject box! And if you have any questions for us, or would like us to organise a bespoke tour for you including a set itinerary (perhaps including the Galeries?) don't hesitate to get in contact with us! You can reach us through our website or through messages on Instagram and Facebook.

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