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Travel France as a Local - with the Locals

Tailored tour by Maud
from Biarritz, France

Medieval villages, grand castles, city squares with cafes & markets, narrow streets for exploring and shopping, beautiful wineries, excellent food, rich history, warm beaches on the Mediterranean, and beautiful sunsets on the Atlantic Ocean, France has it all!


Come with us for an intimate experience of this beautiful country with French local experts! Through the eyes of our passionate locals, France Travel Solutions will welcome you to the charming regions, sharing our heritage with passion, respect and unforgettable moments rich in emotion.

Join our small group tour today!


More than Tour Guides

We love what we do!

We started this company to help people who are interested in France to have a cultural trip where they can experience the country as temporary locals, not the average tourists bouncing around in a crowd or waiting in long lines and getting stuck in tourist traps.


We will help you make a deeper connection with the country and understand what it is like to live there while fulfilling the desire to see amazing sites and make lasting memories.

Regional Locals

You will have hand-selected local tour guides who share our passion for showing tourists the beautiful culture and history of France!


A tour leader will be  running your tour to make sure you have a great time, teaching you about the region, and becoming your local friend in France.


Other guides will be local experts you will meet at a site visit where they can impart their deep knowledge of the site to you and bring the history to life for a one of a kind experience there!

Image by Z S

Meet the Founder

Passion is the Key

France Travel Solutions is a company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Maud is the founder, director and tour guide on some of the tours.

Let's see what Maud has to say.

“I happily grew up in a traditional little village in the south-west of France between ocean and mountains, surrounded by Jurançon vineyards, facing the Pyrenees. My family and extended family all over France, always taught me the riches of the land, the respect for our heritage, and the love for our culture and traditions.

In 2008, I was in search of a new horizon and travelled around Australia where I found love and built my beautiful family. I’ve been back and forth to my roots and I have to come to know a lot about Aussies with whom I want to share my French culture.”


Passionate about her country and growing up in the south of France along with being fluent in English makes her the perfect tour guide to take you around the best spots in the region. She may even be your main local tour leader during your stay!

Arthur guide[40].jpg


"Hello !

My name is Arthur and I am passionate about wide open spaces, nature and adventure.

I was born near Bordeaux, and grew up surrounded by vineyards and castles, and later in my youth I moved to the snowy regions : the Haute Savoie in the Alps.

I have spent time in nearly every region of France, so I know my stuff!


I work in events as an organizer and speaker, and I also manage a mountain entertainment company.

Skiing, hiking, gastronomy and love of great landscapes are all passions that I would be delighted to share with you during our time on the French roads. 


I want to help turn your trip towards discovery of both the heritage and the human aspects of the lands we will see. 

I am excited to share my passions and travel plans with you all, and to make some great memories.  

Hoping to meet you on our lands,

Arvi’ ! (word saying « Good bye » in Savoyard dialect)"


Maud PB.jpg

"Hi there!

My name is Maud (the second one in the team, can you believe it! And it’s not even a common name here!!) and I am thrilled to welcome you in my very much-loved country, France!

I grew up in Lyon where I studied international public law, then moved to the United States for a year at the University of North Carolina. So much fun! I then spent 15 years in Paris, where I was a journalist.

But traveling has always been my passion, and when the magazine I was working for merged with another one I thought it was time: I left, and spent 18 months trekking in Patagonia, Nepal and Australia, eating in New Zealand or Thailand, volunteering in an orphanage in Uganda and surfing with kids from the townships of South Africa.

Of course, when I came back from all this it was NOT possible to go back working inside an office. This is when I started being a tour guide. That was 9 years ago and I still love it!

I will love to spend quality time with you, making you discover what being a local means, showing you the details that make the difference!

A bientôt!"

Maud PB

Maud PB


IMG_0759-min (1).jpg

"Bonjour !

My name is Delphine and I'm originally from Nantes, on France's west coast. 

Working in the tourism industry for almost 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to live in many of France's beautiful regions. From the French Alps during winter to Brittany and Normandy during the warmer months, I have always had moving feet and a curiosity to discover new parts of my home country. 

Currently, I'm back to my roots, living in the Nantes Vineyards area where I work as a regional travel advisor and tourist guide.

I love my job, especially because I get to meet new people from all over the world.

Sharing quality time with you is very important to me, and this is why I enjoy touring and working with France Travel Solutions. My areas of specialty include nature, culture, history and gastronomy which I would love to share with you.

I'm also an avid traveler and upon visiting Australia and New Zealand, I fell in love with their way of life, leading me to live in both countries for some time. I feel I have always been very welcome there and I'd like to return that friendliness to you here in France. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you and sharing the incredible French lifestyle and culture with you. And of course, enjoying a chat over a lovely meal or drink.

See you soon,"


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